Exceed your customers' expectations

Automatically personalise your customers’ digital experience to exceed their expectations and raise conversion rates. Fast.

Real-time optimisations for increased conversions

With Kooper you can better understand your visitors’ experience, expertly engage your customers, and boost brand loyalty.

All in real time. All without complicated tests, complex spreadsheets, and confusing dashboards.

How Kooper works

Kooper is a straightforward software plug-in which a developer can install on any Jamstack-built website within the hour. Kooper then gets to work in just 3 steps...

  • Analyzes Icon


    Kooper analyzes how each visitor interacts with the content on your website or app. This analysis is done locally, securely, and in real-time.

  • Compares Icon


    Kooper compares a visitor's actions to AI models of your customers' behavior, detecting a visitor's preferences and predicting their next steps.

  • Optimizes Icon


    Kooper optimizes the visitor’s path to immediately serve up the right content to convert them.

What you can do with Kooper...

  • Understand your visitors’ behavior
  • Engage all of your customers
  • Boost brand loyalty

Kooper exists to help businesses make full use of their digital platforms. Read why CMOs and Product Managers use Kooper on their websites and apps.

Why kooper

Want to convert customers without lifting a finger?

See how Kooper can work for your business.