Lose less visitors, win more customers

Kooper looks at a customer’s complete path through your website - analysing individual actions in real-time and comparing them to AI models of previous customer behavior - to quickly serve up the right content to exceed their expectations.

  • Engage all of your customers

    Kooper is ideal for content-heavy websites and apps in industries such as media, entertainment, travel, and broader e-commerce. Kooper helps your visitors find what they’re looking for and allows you to accelerate them through the buyer journey with better recommendations.

  • Boost brand loyalty

    By personalizing experiences in real time you can exceed a customer’s expectations, improve their interactions, and strengthen your relationship with them.

    You finally have all the benefits of AI without needing the extensive training, specialist skill sets, or big budgets.

What makes Kooper so powerful?

Accessible and real-time AI

In the past it’s been difficult and expensive to learn from user behaviors and apply this intelligence in real-time. Not anymore.

Kooper’s technology allows businesses (both big and small) to understand visitor intentions, set desired goals, and automatically benefit from AI. The end result?

You create a personalized digital experience which exceeds every customers’ expectation.

Want to convert customers without lifting a finger?

See how Kooper can work for your business.