Personalised digital experiences are no longer a nice-to-have. They’re a must-have.

Customers have come to expect personalised digital experiences. However, until now, businesses haven’t been able to access the resources they require to create them.

  • The majority of websites and apps don’t speak directly to a visitor or customer Icon

    The majority of websites and apps don’t speak directly to a visitor or customer

    They don’t exceed their expectations. And they don’t deliver what they need to for the business. Different types of customer are shown the same content, taken on the same user journey, and served up the same recommendations. It’s a cookie-cutter approach which costs sales, leads, and loyalty.

  • We need a new approach... Icon

    We need a new approach...

    One which looks at a customer’s complete path through your website - analysing individual actions in real-time and comparing them to AI models of previous customer behavior - to quickly serve up the right content to exceed their expectations. An approach which is easy to integrate into your existing digital platforms, secure, and scalable. An approach which makes AI technology accessible to all, and so deletes any guesswork and grunt work.

  • Put Kooper to work Icon

    Put Kooper to work

    We’re on a mission to give every business access to the immense power of AI.

    Our technology learns from all of your visitor interactions in real-time to give you a complete picture of what they want. This allows Kooper to create personalized experiences immediately. And for everyone.

Want to convert customers without lifting a finger?

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