Make full use of your digital platforms

With Kooper you can better understand your visitors' experience, expertly engage your customers, and boost brand loyalty. All in real time. All without complicated tests, complex spreadsheets, and confusing dashboards.

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    Step one

    Kooper is a straightforward software plug-in which a developer can install on any Jamstack-built website within the hour.

    Developer not available? No problem. We can handle the installation for you.

    Step one
    Step one
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    Step two

    Kooper analyzes how each visitor interacts with the content on your website or app.

    This analysis is done locally, securely, and in real-time, allowing Kooper to create personalized experiences immediately. And for everyone.

    Step two
    Step two
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    Step three

    Kooper compares a visitor's actions to AI models of your customers' behavior, and automatically optimizes their path to immediately serve up the right content to convert.

    The path Kooper puts your visitor on is based on what will lead to more conversions and what goals you have set for a visitor’s desired behavior.

    Step three
    Step three

Real-time & complete results

Current personalisation and CRO products can only base their personalisations on historic data (either of a specific visitor, if such data exists, or general visitors). They cannot account for every visitor, or react to a visitor’s intention on their specific visit.

In comparison, Kooper’s technology learns from all of your visitor interactions in real-time. And so captures more of your visitors to provide tailored and accurate personalisations.

Secure & scalable

Kooper’s AI learning system doesn’t involve collecting data and sending it to a server in the cloud.

The AI is built into your website, allowing Kooper to model user interactions locally for a more secure result.

Our technology optimises each visitor’s path automatically to deliver personalised experiences for you at scale.

Learn more about how Kooper can help your businesshere.

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